SEO Elite

SEO – Essentials Elite

$1,275.00 $995.00 on the 1st of each month

The Essentials Elite SEO Package is designed to simply destroy your competition. You will control your territories with targeted key phrases that will earn you big revenue. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, then the Essentials Elite Package is a must.

Your 1st month/order will be pro-rated according to the date in-which you purchase.


First payment prorated. Next payment: April 1, 2019


    1. Key Phrase Research and Selection
    2. 30 Targeted Key Phrases
    3. Local Search Optimization
    4. Meta Tag Implementation
    5. Image Optimization
    6. HTML Clean Up
    7. Comprehensive Website Audit
    8. Comprehensive On-Page SEO Implmentation
    9. Citation Implementation
    10. Comprehensive Back-link Audit
    11. 90 Back-links Per Month
    12. Internal Linking Restructuring
    13. Article Submission
    14. Competitor Analysis (6 Competitors)
    15. Monthly Analytics Reporting
    16. FREE – Lead Generation Plan
    17. FREE – Conversion Rate Plan
    18. FREE – Increase Average Sale Plan
    19. FREE – Profit Margin Plan
    20. FREE – Ongoing Marketing Tips and Strategies