Here you will find answers to some of the more common Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ) If you don’t see an answer to your question, just shoot us an e-mail and we will get back to you.

Who Is kbizmarketing?

Kbizmarketing is an online marketing company. We specialize in SEO for the Kitchen and Bath industry. In addition to SEO, we are obsessed with diversifying marketing strategies as well as market research. We are always excited to share new tips and insight to our clients to help them achieve maximum success.

Do you charge for your marketing strategies and market research?

No. Well at-least not as of now. We currently offer different strategies, tips and market research at NO Cost to our SEO clients. Our clients will initially receive information on how to develop 4 core areas of their business. Our clients will continue to receive ongoing strategies and market data via email and the website as long as they remain a client.

Why do you focus on the Kitchen and Bath industry?

The founder of Kbizmarketing has worked in the K&B business for many years. He has worked in every area of the business. He has owned his own K&B company and still has ownership in one today. Here at Kbizmarketing we have combined the areas that we have extensive knowledge in; Kitchen and Bath Industry, Target Marketing, SEO and Website Design. With this combined knowledge the results for our clients can be amazing; and that is what we strive for.

Do you guarantee a number 1 position in the major search engines, especially Google ?

No, and anyone who does, you should turn and run from them and don’t look back. Odds are they will use some unethical methods that will rank you temporarily, collect your money, your site will disappear and then they fall of the planet.

Although we do not guarantee the number 1 position, we can tell you that we have a tremendous track record of doing so for other sites. We also have countless pages that return top 10 positions on very targeted and profitable key phrases.

Is kbizmarketing affiliated with KBIS ?(Kitchen and Bath Industry Show)

No. We have no affiliation. We only enjoy the show.

I can’t find where to access my growth plans.

Once you become a client you will have access to the growth plans. You can access this information by clicking on “My Account” in the main navigation. Once you are in your account click on the “Downloads” and access your growth plans.

Why can’t I access the Questionnaire?

You must be a client and logged in to access the Questionnaire.

Where is Kbizmarketing based out of?

We are located in the Furniture Capitol of the world. High Point, NC. I guess by location default, we just know a lot about woodworking:) Although we are based in High Point (Jamestown to be more specific) we have “staff” that contribute to our dynamic services from all over the country.

Our mailing address is:
PO Box 1173
Jamestown, NC 27282


How long does it take before I begin seeing some SEO results?

Initially, you will begin seeing small results fairly quickly. Typically in less than 45 days. However, depending on the SEO Package you choose, condition of your website when we took over, and the level of competition for specific key phrases, times can vary. With in most cases you will start seeing a more significant impact in less than 90 days. One important fact to remember is that it is vital to have an ongoing consistant SEO campaign.